Our School 

Book ’n’ Brush is a nursery and preschool accommodating children 18 months to 4 years of age.
Our staff members are dedicated to offering your child the environment that meets all his/her developmental needs.
Our classrooms, library, “messy art” room, and recreational hall are designed to match children‘s individual needs and abilities. Our indoor and outdoor play areas ensure fun and safe activities that build physical and social skills.
Our school also pays attention to our children’s curiosity by providing a conductive learning environment; one that allows spontaneity to answer children's questions and satisfy their curious minds.

Our Classes


The love to explore is what develops the toddler’s curiosity and the will to learn. Book ‘n’ Brush offers its “outstanding ones” a loving, safe, and rich environment that allows discovery and promotes the development of the children's skills

Playgroup 1

Through dramatic play, storytelling, building blocks and creative art activities, our “terrific twos” will learn about the world in which they live in and build their imagination well beyond it.

Playgroup 2

Preparing our “thriving threes” for school is what we aspire to attain. Preparation entails promoting children’s social skills, logical thinking, and building their confidence; all of this is worked through while children are playing and enjoying their days at school.