Our Philosophy

Book 'n' Brush is dedicated to granting children the opportunity to actively participate in their learning. We aim to provide a suitable and rich environment in which children can explore with hands-on experiences and learn best through play.  
Through our child-centered and developmentally appropriate approaches children will grow and thrive in all areas - cognitive, social, emotional and physical - and will also acquire the skills that promote school readiness such as questioning, problem solving, and self-expression.
Book 'n' Brush understands and respects the individuality and uniqueness of every child and the different rates at which they grow.
Our aim is to create life-long learners by nurturing them, facilitating their development, cultivating their minds and ensuring they acquire a genuine love for learning.

Our vision - our mission

  • Our aim: to treat each child as a unique individual, with strengths to build on, and challenges to overcome.
    • Our role: to identify children's strengths, interests and challenges through observing them at play.
  • Our aim: to respect all differences among us.
    • Our role: to treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • Our aim: to raise curiosity in children and to help them understand the world around them.
    • Our role: to provide a healthy learning environment, experiences, resources, and hands-on activities.
  • Our aim: to spread enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
    • Our role: to be good role models with positive dispositions.
  • Our aim: to help children acquire critical thinking skills, as well as school readiness skills.
    • Our role: to provide opportunities for children to problem solve, predict, and plan.
  • Our aim: is for you to become active partners in your child's learning process.
    • Our role: to support you through open channels of communication.